Redbird Communication, LLC

I experience Barbara as an ocean of presence and calm attentive listening for which I am always grateful. A space is held for me to drop into myself and for my own inner wisdom to arise. In this, I am able to find clarity and strategies to move forward in areas which were previously tight, confused or closed down. Barbara is skilled at knowing exactly when to step in with suggestions and reflections to encourage deeper self connection.

~ Iona Cameron, Author, United Kingdom

I can recommend Barbara without reservation, because I know that she will give from her warm heart, bringing both deep personal wisdom and an unusual breadth of knowledge about the human journey.

~ Adriana Elliot, Director, Cheshire Mediation, Keene, NH

Barbara is truly an expert in the process of Nonviolent Communication....Whenever I have a session with her, I feel extremely comfortable and am able to talk about what’s going on without having to worry about being judged or shamed in any way. Her heartfelt warmth and empathic attunement - combined with her ability to get at the underlying core needs of an issue - always leaves me with a clearer understanding of myself, acceptance of my process, and how to move forward.

~ Rachel Rahn, LICSW

Teaching the skills of compassionate listening is Barbara's gift to the world.

~ Valerie Piedmont, Director, The Sustainability Project, Gilsum, NH

Barbara shares a strong connection with the community, and passion for helping people thrive and communicate on a higher level....Her listening and communication skills have taught me a lot over the past few years, in how to improve my communications.

~ Pam Doyle, Owner, Solutions for Today, Keene, NH