Redbird Communication, LLC

  Vision / Mission

Communities, groups, families, and individuals engaged in relationships        based  on communication practices that are built on an intention and a  willingness:     
     * to listen, hear, and take into consideration all involved individuals' ideas,
         preferences, feelings, needs, and interests--including one's own,
     * to acknowledge and honor the humanity in and of all individuals; and to
        focus on behaviors and issues--not people--when there is conflict,
     * to explore one's own values and beliefs; to engage in self-awareness
        practices for one's own well-being, and also for the well-being of others,
     * and to explore ways of being in relationship and community that consider
the interests and needs of all involved individuals--including one's own.

To teach communication skills through facilitating, mediating, instruction, and consulting; in settings of workshops, seminars, discussion groups, group presentations, and one-on-one meetings; for the purposes of:   
    * sharing knowledge and skills about ways of
      communicating that are in alignment with the vision,
    * and supporting communities, groups, families, and individuals in
      relationships of all kinds in the learning and practicing of these skills as
      applied to their life experiences.
To practice communication that is in alignment with the vision, in everyday
business dealings and operations.